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VK Included in Tennesseean's 2016 Best!


While Nashville hasn't always been the epicenter of cultural diversity, it is quickly becoming a reflection of just that -- and the rapidly expanding food culture in Music City is the boldest example. From Indian to Korean, Lebanese to Vietnamese, the landscape of Nashville's restaurant scene is expanding and The Tennesseean's Nancy Vinneau wanted to celebrate that.

For her "Best of 2016: Nashville's standout restaurant reviews," she intentionally chose meals and restaurants that would bring folks somewhere new; somewhere outside of the norm that offered food both different yet still comforting.

Vui Hunt has made the tastes of her homeland, Vietnam, not only accessible at her Berry Hill eatery, Vui’s Kitchen, she’s made them addictive. You won’t mind, because her food is also healthy. A profusion of fresh herbs — mint, basil, cilantro, chives, lemongrass —and judicious use of lime juice, fish sauce and rice wine vinegar bring both vibrancy and harmony to her dishes.
— Nancy Vinneau

We were thrilled to be included in her roundup, alongside so many other great Nashville spots.

Want to head out on a culinary adventure that will bring you nuance and comfort?

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The Tenesseean Loves Vui's Avocado Shake

If we agree with The Tennessean on one thing, it's this: avocados make everything better! From adding them to a smoothie, to using them as the foundation of your favorite dip, avocados are both flavorful and healthful and we just love 'em for it.

Fortunately for us (and for you!) we have a delicious beverage that is sure to satisfy your avocado desires: the Avocado Shake.

Haven't tried it yet? Maybe this will peak your interest

Most of us have been hip to the kick-butt Vietnamese coffee for some time now, but the same posterior-pummeling sweetened condensed milk is also co-starring in an avocado shake with fresh avocado and almond milk. I would say it’s the best green shake since the Shamrock, but it seems an unfair comparison since everyone knows they use imitation shamrocks in those things.
— Ellen Margulies

Vui's Included in "Best New Restaurants of 2016"

As a restaurant that technically falls under the "fast casual" category, we were both excited and humbled to be included in a roundup in which we're joined by some of Nashville's finest dining experiences!

Thrillist recently published a roundup of "Nashville's Best New Restaurants of 2016" and we were elated to be included; even more so to be included in the midst of some of Music City's most talented chefs.

Sure, we may be a physically small restaurant, but our menu and our staff make us mighty! We're just over the moon that Thrillest thinks so, too -- and chose to put us in the ring with such notable culinary talent.

It's an honor to be included and now we can't wait to go try out every spot on Thrillist's list! Want to see what other restaurants they chose?

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Vui Hunt on WSMV for Taste of Nashville Event

We had so much fun on WSMV TV teaching everyone how to make our delicious summer roles in honor of the 16th Annual Taste of Nashville Event Friday, November 4th at Rocketown!

On this fun live TV cooking segment the one and only Vui Hunt demonstrated how to make my delicious summer rolls. Lucky for Vui's Kitchen fans, we're offering a how-to guide below!

  1. Wet the rice paper in warm water.
  2. Place the rice paper on a dry surface and start to add ingredients - romaine, garlic, chives, fresh mint, arugula, shrimp, you name it! 
  3. Once you finish adding toppings, start to fold the rice paper like a burrito and fold the edges like an envelope. Remember, you want to make sure you roll the rice paper tightly so none of the fresh and delicious ingredients fall out.
  4. Once you have wrapped all your tasty summer rolls, enjoy it with a traditional and easy hoisin dipping sauce. Combine hoisin sauce, Sriarcha, rice vinegar, and garlic in a small bowl and whisk the ingredients together. Feel free to top this sauce with some crushed peanuts
  5. Dig in and enjoy! 

If you want to check out what we will be serving at Taste of Nashville on Friday night (from 7:00pm to midnight), click here to purchase a ticket and then join us in supporting Nashville's youth! 

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Vui Hunt spotlight in "FACES of Nashville"

After only opening Vui's 6 months ago (wow, time really does fly!), Vui feels so honored to be selected for  Styleblueprint's, FACES of Nashville series.

It was such a blast connecting with the SB team at Vui's Kitchen and we're so grateful that they chose to honor our own, amazing Vui in this series!

I love making connections with people and getting to impact their day whether it’s with a refreshing juice or delicious lunch or just a conversation we have at the counter. I’d be happy doing any job that allowed me to be around people, but getting to combine that love with my love of food and cooking is such a blessing.
— Vui Hunt


Thank you, Style Blueprint!

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Vui's Cleans Up in "Best of Nashville" Contest

As a restaurant that still more or less falls under the label of 'new kids on the block,' we weren't necessarily expecting to win a whole lot of awards this year.

Heck, we've only been open for a grand total of 5 months!

Over at Vui's Kitchen we were still just trying to make sure the menu is right, figuring out how much bone broth we ought to make each day, and making final choices to our beer list!

But when we got word from the Nashville Scene that Vui's Kitchen won the award for "Best Vietnamese" in both the Reader's Choice AND the Writer's Choice categories, we were absolutely floored! 

Vui and John Hunt, the founders of the Juice Bar chain, dazzle diners with this new quick-casual cafe inspired by the healthy Vietnamese fare Vui grew up with — using fresh, whole ingredients. Rice and noodle bowls are overstuffed with fresh greens and veggies, and the pho luxuriates in a rich but sprightly house-made broth. And the banh mi, on a baguette with house-made pâté and your choice of meat, is one of the very best sandwiches in town.
— Dana Kopp Franklin

It feels so incredible to know that, even after being open for what seems like such a short period of time -- time flies when you're having fun, you know? -- that we've managed to make such an impression on you, Nashville. All we can hope for now is that we continue to impress and what's more, improve upon what we've already got!

Thank you, to all of you who have supported Vui's, who have told your friends about us, and especially for voting for us in BON! We're truly grateful.

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Vui's is Vegetarian Friendly!

We loved to see our name in the top 12 best vegetarian meals in Nashville, according to The Tennessean! Although we are not a vegetarian restaurant, carnivores have no fear, we do offer a wide array of vegetarian options. 

I love the brown rice bowl with romaine, arugula, carrot, cucumber, pickled daikon, fresh herbs, shallots and scallion oil topped with lemongrass tofu.
— Lizzy Alfs

Other can't miss vegetarian dishes include the lemongrass tofu bánh mí sandwich, the vegan pho with delicious oyster mushrooms, or the summer rolls loaded with fresh herbs and vegetables. Any dish you eat here will be bursting with flavor! 


The Tennesseean Gets to Know Vui Hunt

At Vui's Kitchen we believe wholeheartedly in transparency. That's why our kitchen is in the middle of the restaurant in plain view to our guests; that's why we assure you that there's no funny business with what goes into our food; and that's why Vui did a Q&A with The Tennesseean!

Because sure, you want to know what goes into your food but it's also a little bit comforting to know who makes it! 

What’s the one ingredient you can’t live without? / Fish sauce — it goes with everything!
— Vui Hunt

We believe you should always feel confident about the food you're putting into your body, and hopefully after getting to know chef Vui a little better you'll never have a doubt when eating at Vui's Kitchen!

Psst - Vui also shares her recipe for The PB&J Smoothie she invented for Juice Bar!

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Q&A With Our Chef, Vui

The Nashville Scene writer, Lesley Lassiter, interviewed Vui Hunt to discuss how she developed the idea for Vui's Kitchen. After marrying her husband, John Hunt, Vui relocated from Atlanta to Nashville, and together they started Juice Bar. Three short years later, Vui has now created a restaurant that truly reflects her passion: to create and bring fresh and healthy Vietnamese food from her childhood to everyone. 

Now, for the fun part, lets get to know our chef, Vui Hunt a little bit better!

Vital tool: A super sharp chef’s knife
Favorite gadget: No “secret weapon” gadgets ... a Vitamix blender is always handy
Pantry essential: Jasmine rice
Necessary extravagance: I spare no expense on footwear!
Favorite beverage: Fresh-squeezed sugar-cane juice, twist of lime
Favorite smell: Fresh-picked mint leaves
Comfort food: Vietnamese “Hue style” spicy noodles. Or just salty chips.
Inspiration: Amazingly talented and best buddy chef Michael Martin of South Fork Catering
Last meal: Blue crab with tamarind sauce (at home with Mom)
— Vui Hunt

Thanks Lesley for giving everyone a behind the scenes look at our wonderful chef, Vui.


The Tennessean Loves Vui's Menu

We were so excited to see how much The Tennessean loved Vui's Kitchen's menu selection! We spent countless hours crafting the perfect menu to highlight delicious, fresh, and authentic Vietnamese food. 

Whether you are a meat lover or a vegetarian, our we offer something fresh and healthy for all of our guests. Try our classic banh mi sandwich or lotus root salad for a quick lunch, or dive into a bowl of shrimp pho or rice noodle bowl for a satisfying dinner. 

A native of Vietnam, Vui Hunt uses fresh mint, cilantro, chives, lemongrass and basil in profusion throughout her dishes. Her interpretations of her homeland’s fare are vibrant and delicious - and approachable to novices to the cuisine.
— Nancy Vienneau

Make sure to leave room for dessert, with interesting options such as the avocado shake and a tapioca-coconut pudding, Vui's Kitchen offers traditional, clean, and tasty food for everyone.  


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Eater Gives Vui's Kitchen a Spin!

We put a lot of thought, time and effort into making the interior of Vui's Kitchen feel right: clean and comfortable, light and bright, funky and fun. We wanted it to represent us, and most importantly represent Vui!

So we were especially thrilled when Eater asked to come by and take some photos of just that. Eater successfully communicated our light, bright and comfortable ambiance and we hope it entices you to come by and eat with us!

Housed in the former Berry Hill location of eclectic gift shop Curious Heart Emporium, the 50-seat space is bright and cozy, with bar and table seating inside, an open patio out front and a covered patio on the backside of the restaurant.
— Eater

Haven't had a chance to come to Vui's Kitchen?

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Bringing Vietnamese Food to Berry Hill

Vui's Kitchen is introducing the Berry Hill neighborhood in Nashville to authentic and fresh Vietnamese dishes. Lesley Lassiter, at the Nashville Scene, kindly noted how Vui Hunt's food is not oily, fried, or frozen, rather all the ingredients are fresh and seasonal. In fact, we even grow some of our herbs and peppers on-site! 

The menu consists of classic Vietnamese favorites, such as pho and bánh mí, but it also has some new and interesting items, such as the lotus root and jicama salad. These dishes are great for meat lovers and vegetarians alike, as almost any dish can be made to your liking. Whether you are trying the pork belly, the chicken, or even the tofu and oyster mushrooms, make sure to try it with the lemongrass marinade. 

If you aren't too full, pick out something delicious from the "Yummies" section like coconut ice cream from the beloved Pied Piper Creamery


Nashville Guru Takes a Look at Vui's Decor

Not only are we serving up clean and fresh food but we are also showcasing a sleek and modern decor.

With contemporary white chairs, dark wooden tables, and a private outdoor patio, Vui's Kitchen is the new hot destination in Nashville's Berry Hill.

Vui’s Kitchen is cozy and comfortable
— Nashville Guru

The welcoming atmosphere is enhanced by the addition of creative artwork that lines the walls. Each piece created specifically for Vui's Kitchen, showcases traditional Vietnamese cuisine in a fun and engaging way. Make sure to come check out our delicious offerings in our modern new space!