Vui's Cleans Up in "Best of Nashville" Contest

As a restaurant that still more or less falls under the label of 'new kids on the block,' we weren't necessarily expecting to win a whole lot of awards this year.

Heck, we've only been open for a grand total of 5 months!

Over at Vui's Kitchen we were still just trying to make sure the menu is right, figuring out how much bone broth we ought to make each day, and making final choices to our beer list!

But when we got word from the Nashville Scene that Vui's Kitchen won the award for "Best Vietnamese" in both the Reader's Choice AND the Writer's Choice categories, we were absolutely floored! 

Vui and John Hunt, the founders of the Juice Bar chain, dazzle diners with this new quick-casual cafe inspired by the healthy Vietnamese fare Vui grew up with — using fresh, whole ingredients. Rice and noodle bowls are overstuffed with fresh greens and veggies, and the pho luxuriates in a rich but sprightly house-made broth. And the banh mi, on a baguette with house-made pâté and your choice of meat, is one of the very best sandwiches in town.
— Dana Kopp Franklin

It feels so incredible to know that, even after being open for what seems like such a short period of time -- time flies when you're having fun, you know? -- that we've managed to make such an impression on you, Nashville. All we can hope for now is that we continue to impress and what's more, improve upon what we've already got!

Thank you, to all of you who have supported Vui's, who have told your friends about us, and especially for voting for us in BON! We're truly grateful.

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