Bringing Vietnamese Food to Berry Hill

Vui's Kitchen is introducing the Berry Hill neighborhood in Nashville to authentic and fresh Vietnamese dishes. Lesley Lassiter, at the Nashville Scene, kindly noted how Vui Hunt's food is not oily, fried, or frozen, rather all the ingredients are fresh and seasonal. In fact, we even grow some of our herbs and peppers on-site! 

The menu consists of classic Vietnamese favorites, such as pho and bánh mí, but it also has some new and interesting items, such as the lotus root and jicama salad. These dishes are great for meat lovers and vegetarians alike, as almost any dish can be made to your liking. Whether you are trying the pork belly, the chicken, or even the tofu and oyster mushrooms, make sure to try it with the lemongrass marinade. 

If you aren't too full, pick out something delicious from the "Yummies" section like coconut ice cream from the beloved Pied Piper Creamery