From Veggieland, to Juice Bar, to Vui's Kitchen

From Veggieland, to Juice Bar, to Vui's Kitchen, StyleBlueprint showcases that Vui Hunt understands what it means to be a healthy restaurant. Liza Graves, along with StyleBlueprint's managing editor, Ashley Haugen, and photographer, Leila Grossman, place a spotlight on how Vui Hunt's experience with Veggieland, a restaurant she owned in Atlanta, and she and her husband's Juice Bar franchise, have set Vui up for success as she opens Vui's Kitchen. 

We were all smitten and suggest working your way through the entire menu. The sandwiches, soups and salads will all leave you filled with nutritious ingredients and longing for your next visit.
— Liza Graves

With a menu ranging in small bites, such as the delicious summer rolls and soups, to larger bites, such as the bánh mí sandwich or the cabbage and chicken salad, there are enough fresh options to go around!

Also, make sure you don't miss out on enjoying a refreshing beverage, there is a selection of wine and bottled beers, under the menu section titled, "Sips." Thank you StyleBlueprint for taking such wonderful photos of the food!

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