The Tennessean Loves Vui's Menu

We were so excited to see how much The Tennessean loved Vui's Kitchen's menu selection! We spent countless hours crafting the perfect menu to highlight delicious, fresh, and authentic Vietnamese food. 

Whether you are a meat lover or a vegetarian, our we offer something fresh and healthy for all of our guests. Try our classic banh mi sandwich or lotus root salad for a quick lunch, or dive into a bowl of shrimp pho or rice noodle bowl for a satisfying dinner. 

A native of Vietnam, Vui Hunt uses fresh mint, cilantro, chives, lemongrass and basil in profusion throughout her dishes. Her interpretations of her homeland’s fare are vibrant and delicious - and approachable to novices to the cuisine.
— Nancy Vienneau

Make sure to leave room for dessert, with interesting options such as the avocado shake and a tapioca-coconut pudding, Vui's Kitchen offers traditional, clean, and tasty food for everyone.  


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