The Tenesseean Loves Vui's Avocado Shake

If we agree with The Tennessean on one thing, it's this: avocados make everything better! From adding them to a smoothie, to using them as the foundation of your favorite dip, avocados are both flavorful and healthful and we just love 'em for it.

Fortunately for us (and for you!) we have a delicious beverage that is sure to satisfy your avocado desires: the Avocado Shake.

Haven't tried it yet? Maybe this will peak your interest

Most of us have been hip to the kick-butt Vietnamese coffee for some time now, but the same posterior-pummeling sweetened condensed milk is also co-starring in an avocado shake with fresh avocado and almond milk. I would say it’s the best green shake since the Shamrock, but it seems an unfair comparison since everyone knows they use imitation shamrocks in those things.
— Ellen Margulies