VK Included in Tennesseean's 2016 Best!


While Nashville hasn't always been the epicenter of cultural diversity, it is quickly becoming a reflection of just that -- and the rapidly expanding food culture in Music City is the boldest example. From Indian to Korean, Lebanese to Vietnamese, the landscape of Nashville's restaurant scene is expanding and The Tennesseean's Nancy Vinneau wanted to celebrate that.

For her "Best of 2016: Nashville's standout restaurant reviews," she intentionally chose meals and restaurants that would bring folks somewhere new; somewhere outside of the norm that offered food both different yet still comforting.

Vui Hunt has made the tastes of her homeland, Vietnam, not only accessible at her Berry Hill eatery, Vui’s Kitchen, she’s made them addictive. You won’t mind, because her food is also healthy. A profusion of fresh herbs — mint, basil, cilantro, chives, lemongrass —and judicious use of lime juice, fish sauce and rice wine vinegar bring both vibrancy and harmony to her dishes.
— Nancy Vinneau

We were thrilled to be included in her roundup, alongside so many other great Nashville spots.

Want to head out on a culinary adventure that will bring you nuance and comfort?

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