Dirty Pages Art Exhibit Includes Vui Hunt and her Mother's Shrimp Pad Thai Recipe

In their continuing effort to honor the hearts and souls of Nashville's kitchens, Edible Nashville recently sat down with Vui Hunt to discuss her path to the United States and her mother's famous Shrimp Pad Thai recipe.

A little background on the project:
The ongoing Dirty Pages Exhibit assembled by Jennifer Justus, Erin Byers Murray, and Cindy Wall preserves the heart and soul of our kitchens.

The best recipes are the ones dusted with cocoa powder and ringed with wine stains, evidence not only of time-tested dishes, but of the presence of those who have lovingly prepared them.

The quote has inspired its own exhibit, Dirty Pages—a celebration of handed down recipes. Oh, if these recipes could talk.

The original Dirty Pages exhibit, which debuted at the Nashville Farmers’ Market in 2015, now lives at the Southern Food and Beverage Museum in New Orleans. A second version, “Dirty Pages: 10 Roads to Nashville,” is on display at Casa Azafran, a multicultural community center on Nolensville Pike.