Wonder Women: 11 Ladies in Nashville Discuss Running Their Own Kitchens

Nashville is a place full of talent, and there's no lack of it in the kitchens these days. Style Blueprint pulled together a list of women whose top-notch talent is undeniable and we're excited to share that our own Vui was included! 

These local ladies are creating amazing things in Nashville’s restaurants, and while our list is not exhaustive — with new restaurants opening every day, the list of female chefs has grown that long — it definitely gives a glimpse at the impact, experience and sheer talent they have in Music City’s top kitchens.

Current gig: Founder and Executive Chef, Vui’s Kitchen and I Love Juice Bar

Former gigs: Owner and Chef, Veggieland; Marketing Team, Whole Foods Market

Years in the business: 21

Extra credit: Vui was born in Vietnam, and Vui’s Kitchen is an extension of her Vietnamese family traditions. 

How do you find balance in running these two businesses and maintaining your family life?

“There is no balance; perfect doesn’t have to be perfect. When John and I first started our family and the business, I asked my mom to come down from Chicago and help. She said okay, but that it would be a few months before she could come down to Nashville. That didn’t work for us. So I drove 10 hours to go get her and bring her back to Nashville just so we could have an extra set of hands and help.

“John is also super hands-on. He is a wonderful communicator, far better than me. I think our teamwork and ability to rely on one another is what makes it work. We are a team, we work as a team. That’s how we keep a balance.”

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